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Koala Action Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association made up of those concerned about the long-term survival of koalas over their natural range throughout Australia


The koala (Phascolarctidae Cinereus), Queensland's faunal emblem is on the brink of extinction
in many locations. In February 22 the Federal government officially listed the koala as endangered after further decline in its numbers due to habitat loss/fragmentation and catastrophic bushfires shrinking its habitat.

The threatened species scientific committee upgraded the conservation status of koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The stronger listing under national law is recognition the koala’s plight has become more urgent. To date all levels of government have failed to halt the decline of the koala population since it was listed as ‘regionally vulnerable’ in 2012.

KAI was established in 2004 as a volunteer not-for-profit incorporated association made up of concerned individuals from all walks of life willing to do all that they can to ensure the koala survives into the future.


Emergency Contact Information
kai wildcare

0401 080 333

1300 369 652

07 5527 2444


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Koala Action Inc’s objectives are to help this endangered Australian marsupial by advocating
on their behalf through lobbying local, state and federal government as well as businesses
to retain native bushland habitat, rehabilitate degraded bushland to increase its carrying capacity
and to replant koala food trees and other native plants in parks, reserves and open spaces.

We provide free koala education and awareness presentations to community groups, schools
and private enterprise. Our members are involved in the rescue and care of sick,
injured and orphaned koalas and actively grow and facilitate the
creation of koala food tree plantations.

Grants and funding from local, state and federal government as well as within
the business community enable our members to rehabilitate degraded bushland habitat
by removing exotic weeds, plants and grasses to allow natural regeneration to take place.
Members are committed to replanting koala food trees and other native plants in parks,
reserves and open space. In addition, we provide support to those raising orphaned
koala joeys from their homes.

KAI is also actively involved in the establishment of other like minded organisations

Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc (QKC) based on the Sunshine Coast,
Mango Hill and North Lakes Environment Group,
Moreton Bay Eco Alliance (MBEA) focusing on habitat loss and fragmentation in the Moreton Bay region,
National Koala Alliance (NKA) made up of stake holders from Queensland, N.S.W, Victoria and S.A.


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