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Presentations - Schools and Community groups

Improve your environmental knowledge!


The koala, Queensland's faunal emblem is on the brink of extinction in many parts of Southeast Queensland.  Each and every one of us can make a difference and ensure the survival of the koala all over its natural range


The perils they face are many and varied.  Koala Action Inc. (KAI) would like to provide you with a free koala education and awareness presentation at a date and time of your choosing.

This visually interesting and arresting Power-Point Presentation not only highlights the dangers koalas face, it provides information about the koala itself, its range, food preferences and breeding cycle. 


Educational Material


In addition, simple, cost effective steps will be presented to reduce the negative impacts of motor vehicle strikes, dog attacks and disease.  The presentation takes approximately 45 minutes but can be shortened to 35 minutes if so required.

All that is required is a darkened room, a power board with four electrical outlets, a screen and a table upon which to place equipment, brochures and fund raising material.


Lilly and Luca


Queensland's faunal emblem is facing an ongoing and escalating decline in numbers in many parts of Southeast Queensland, what is done now will determine their future.

Decision making that incorporates environmental needs will lead to a more prosperous future for us and our native flora and fauna.

Everyones individual contribution, be it in whatever capacity they can offer, will make a difference.

We all have both a direct and indirect impact on our native wildlife and education is the key to reducing any negative outcomes.


When you know better - you can do better.


Please contact Vanda (aka Wanda) Grabowski (Bachelor of Science in Australian Environmental Studies) on
0407 101 837 or email her on info@koalaactioninc.org  should you wish to make a booking. 

KAI looks forward to hearing from you.


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