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Koala Action Inc (KAI) participates in a wide variety of community activities and events not only for educational purposes but in order to fund-raise and meet our objectives.


Community Activities

KAI attends environmental festivals such as Kumbartcho at Eatons Hill Queensland as well as Council events throughout the Moreton Bay region.

We use these opportunities to erect visual display boards, distribute information and educational brochures, provide koala rescue details, emergency contacts and fund-raise.


Members attending an environmental festival.



education_hospitalVanda presenting at the Australian Wildlife Hospital

  Koala Education and
Awareness Presentations


KAI offers the latest in depth scientific information in a power-point format available to schools, businesses, organisations and community groups. Each and everyone of us can contribute to the sustainability of the koala population. Knowledge is power enabling us to reduce the perils faced by koalas.

We offer two main presentations:

leaf_point Schools and Community Groups
leaf_point Business and Government Agencies





Public Awareness and Activism

The general public appear to remain unaware of the plight of the koala in South East Queensland in spite of the media attention it receives.

KAI generates awareness utilising a range of media options, public demonstrations and by attending community/environmental events.

We regularly submit articles into local newspapers and have been filmed on local TV current affairs programs.


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For further information on public awareness and activism, please click this link.

sausage_sizzleSausage Sizzles



To fund our objectives, a variety of activities and options are utilised. These include:

leaf_point Sausage Sizzles
leaf_point Raffles
leaf_point Recycling aluminum cans and other items
leaf_point Donations
leaf_point Memberships
leaf_point Website product sales





Replanting and
Rehabilitation Activities


KAI applies for local, state and federal government grants, private businesses and enterprises as well as utilising our own donated funds to:

leaf_point Replant koala food trees and other natives in parks, reserves and open spaces;

leaf_point Rehabilitate existing bushland by removing exotic weeds, plants and grasses to facilitate natural regeneration as well as replanting to increase its carrying capacity.

Casuarina Drive - Les Hughes Sporting Complex.

For further information on replanting and rehabilitation activities, please click this link.



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