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Kobble Creek Replanting Project,
Samsonvale, Queensland.

A Joint venture between Koala Action Inc. and Pine Rivers Catchment Association on South East Queensland water catchment land.

In November 2007, KAI assisted the Pine Rivers Catchment Association by providing the koala food tree species and undertaking the planting. The site was prepared and the holes dug prior to our attendance.

KAI is committed to supporting other like minded bush care and environmental groups with their individual projects and can assist by providing  mulch, plants and water as well as person power should it be needed. Should you need this type of assistance, please contact the Secretary for further information and/or submit your project plan directly for consideration.

Members planted 150 koala food trees on this 5 hectare site at Kobble Creek on Mt Samson Road, Samsonvale, Qld.

To see other replanting and rehabilitation projects please follow this link.

Ongoing maintenance and watering was undertaken by the Pine Rivers Catchment Association.

KAI undertakes a range of koala based activities including educational, the raising and care of orphaned koala joeys, public awareness as well as environmental and medical research.

For further information, please follow this link.



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