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Public Awareness and Activism

Unfortunately, the general public in Australia and around the world appear to remain unaware of the plight of the koala in Queensland. The type of media attention it receives can be misleading in that it focuses more on the 'cute and cuddly' rather than the reality of a species struggling to survive. 

The koala was previously designated as 'regionally vulnerable' by the State Government in South East Queensland only. The Federal Government later broadened the classification of koalas to a vulnerable species across the entire State of Queensland, N.S.W. and A.C.T.

Recently, the newly elected Queensland Labour State Government of Annastacia Palaszczuk, acknowledged the ongoing and escalating decline of koala numbers extending the 'vulnerable' classification across the State in line with the Federal Government.

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Although this may provide an additional layer of protection for the animal itself, the habitat upon which it ultimately depends is still not protected at all.  It is essential to the survival of the species that its habitat be retained, rehabilitated and enhanced to supply the necessary food, shelter and dispersal opportunities the animal needs.

This means the onus is on all of us to ensure that Queensland's faunal emblem remains sustainable in this state by committing to the protection of koala habitat. Your efforts are needed to ensure this happens.

KAI generates awareness utilising a range of media options that include the distribution of information brochures, attending public demonstrations and rallies and erecting visual display boards at community and environmental events.


Queensland Land Clearing Campaign

Read the Brisbane Times Article

In May KAI joined forces with:

~ The Queensland Conservation Council (QCC)
~ The Wilderness Society (TWS)
~ World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)
~ The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO)
~ The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC)
~ The Gold Coast Environment Council
~ Mackay Conservation Group
~ Cairns and Far North Environment Council
~ Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc (QKC)
~ Other small community groups and wildlife carers

The aim was to propose a 10 point plan to reduce tree clearing to the State Government. Their response has yet to be ascertained.

Launching the Queensland Land Clearing Campaign

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Media Promotion

KAI regularly submits articles into local newspapers, are interviewed by radio stations and have been filmed on local TV current affairs programmes including Totally Wild, Stateline and A Current Affair.

Our activities have also attracted the attention of international environmental documentary film  makers.


We ask for your help in this cause by;

leafpoint Being aware of the koalas and their vulnerabilities in your local area.
leafpoint Evaluating local developments, assessing their appropriateness and determining their environmental impact. Contact these companies and the government authorities involved to voice your concerns.
leafpoint Writing letters to the editor of local newspapers to inform the general public of potential and imminent destruction of bushland habitats, parklands or reserves.
leafpoint Contact your local, state and federal government representatives to discuss the wildlife concerns in your area and elsewhere.
leafpoint Highlight the importance and value of native wildlife to your family, friends and colleagues. Continually educate yourself on their plight and what can be done to ensure their survival.

Make a difference by joining, donating, participating and/or supporting those organisations that represent your environmental interests.


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