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Koala Action Inc
is a volunteer
not-for-profit group
made up of local,
Australia wide and
overseas members.


We are concerned about the long-term survival
of the koala population all over its natural range, focusing specifically in the Moreton Bay Regional Council District which includes Caboolture,
Pine Rivers and Redcliffe.

Our objectives are to help this unique native
Australian marsupial by lobbying local,
state and federal government as well as businesses
to retain native bushland habitat, rehabilitate
degraded bushland to increase its carrying capacity and replant koala food trees and other
natives in parks, reserves and open spaces.

KAI provides free koala education and awareness presentations to
community groups, schools and private enterprise to ensure
the survival of this endangered species.




We present information in regard to the perils facing koalas which include Chlamydial Diseases such as:

leaf_point conjunctivitis which affects the eyes
leaf_point cystitis a urogenital tract infection commonly called ‘dirty tail'

Other factors impinging
on the koala
population include:

leaf_point habitat loss and fragmentation
leaf_point urbanisation and development
leaf_point KoRV a koala retro virus impacting on the immune system
leaf_point dog attacks (domestic, feral and wild dogs)
leaf_point motor vehicle strikes



Supporting Koala Orphan Carers

Koala Action Inc supports koala orphan carers by subsidising their costs for formula, medications and other items required in the raising of koala joeys.

In addition, KAI actively facilitates growing koala food tree plantations to ensure carers can easily access koala browse (leaf).


For further information about any of the activities undertaken by KAI,
please contact us directly


0407 101 837




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